Side Bird Side
Equipment Tractor Beam
Locations Battle of Naboo
Rise of the Clones
Strength Strong
Size Medium
First Level Appearance Battle of Naboo
Padmé is the mother of Luke, Leia and the lover and later wife of Anakin . She has a similar ability as her daughter, except she pushes objects away from her with a tractor beam.


Padme Amidala features a tractor beam capable of pushing large objects. The direction of the beam is user-controlled with nearly-unlimited range.

Price In Watto's ShopEdit

  • Padmé (10+) = 500 Coins
  • Padmé (30+) = 1000 Coins
  • Padmé (100+) = 1500 Coins
  • Padmé (Permanent) = 2250 Coins


Battle of NabooEdit

  • Level B3-1 (3x)
  • Level B3-2 (3x)
  • Level B3-3 (2x)
  • Level B3-14 (1x)
  • Level B3-16 (1x)
  • Level B3-20 (1x)

Rise of the ClonesEdit

  • Level B4-11 (1x)
  • Level B4-20 (1x)