Mace Windu
Side Bird Side
Equipment Violet Lightsaber
Locations Rise of The Clones
Strength Strong
Size Large
First Level Appearance Rise of the Clones
Level B4-7
Mace Windu also is portrayed by the Bomb Bird. He has the ability to throw his Violet Lightsaber, and it will boomerang back to him. His lightsaber resembles Hal the Boomerang Bird, as the lightsaber acts with the same ability. He has not yet appeared, but is on the front loading screen behind Padme.


Mace Windu wields a boomerang lightsaber capable of slicing through large quantities of chains and blocks. It has an extremely far range and is only destructible by permanent items, such as land.

Price In Watto's ShopEdit

  • Mace Windu (10+) = 500 Coins
  • Mace Windu (30+) = 1000 Coins
  • Mace Windu (100+) = 1500 Coins
  • Mace Windu (Permanent) = 2250 Coins


Rise of the ClonesEdit

  • Level B4-7 (3x)
  • Level B4-8 (3x)
  • Level B4-9 (3x)
  • Level B4-17 (1x)