Captain Panaka
Side Bird Side
Equipment Blaster
Locations Battle of Naboo
Rise of the Clones
Strength Strong
Size Medium
First Level Appearance Battle of Naboo
Level B3-7
He is played by the Yellow Bird, partially Black Bird as well due to the same beak and eyebrows, colored brown. He shoots 3 pairs of lasers twice just like Lando and Han Solo combined together. He has the same ability as the shocktrooper.


Captain Panaka carries a special laser blaster which fires a spray of three lasers at a time. He fires twice in quick succession, for a total of six lasers.

Price In Watto's ShopEdit

  • Captain Panaka (10+) = 300 Coins
  • Captain Panaka (30+) = 600 Coins
  • Captain Panaka (100+) = 1000 Coins
  • Captain Panaka (Permanent) = 1600 Coins


Battle of NabooEdit

  • Level B3-7 (3x)
  • Level B3-8 (3x)
  • Level B3-9 (2x)
  • Level B3-15 (2x)
  • Level B3-16 (2x)
  • Level B3-20 (1x)

Rise of the ClonesEdit

  • Level B4-4 (3x)
  • Level B3-11 (2x)
  • Level B3-17 (2x)
  • Level B3-20 (1x)