Anakin Episode II
Side Bird Side
Equipment Blue Lightsaber
Locations Rise of the Clones
Revenge of the Pork
Strength Weak
Size Medium
First Level Appearance Rise of the Clones
Level B4-1
Anakin is the father of Luke , Leia and the lover and later husband of Padmé. He, just like Luke, is portrayed by Red.As a Padawan, he attacks with his Blue Lightsaber.


Anakin now wields a basic, single-swipe lightsaber while he assumes his role as a Jedi Padawan. He is not particularly powerful, but can still slice through wooden blocks cleanly.

Price In Watto's ShopEdit

  • Anakin Episode II (10+) = 500 Coins
  • Anakin Episode II (30+) = 1000 Coins
  • Anakin Episode II (100+) = 1500 Coins
  • Anakin Episode II (Permanent) = 2250 Coins


Rise of the ClonesEdit

  • Level B4-1 (3x)
  • Level B4-2 (3x)
  • Level B4-3 (3x)
  • Level B4-10 (3x)
  • Level B4-16 (4x)
  • Level B4-17 (1x)
  • Level B4-18 (3x)
  • Level B4-20 (1x)